The Trustworthy Software Project has the goal of helping software be more worthy of the trust the common user gives it.


We know that the software development community can benefit from a voice that champions ethics in software development; We are that voice.


We know that the software development community should be more aware of the harm that non-trustworthy software can do to its users.


We know that it is best that software is kept secure and worthy of the trust that the user is expected to place in it.


We frown on organizations abusing the trust their users have in the software that they provide.


We will work with any person or group that wants to improve the quality and security of software and is willing to do that by acting in a responsible, professional way.


We will provide technical assistance to free open source software (“FOSS”) projects in the public interest.



We are currently seeking federal 501c(3) tax-exempt designation as a non-profit foundation. This is in progress and has not been completed.